Gas Turbine Failure Investigation course. Kuala Lumpur, August 2014.

I thought I should write a brief blog on the course I am just finishing in Kuala Lumpur. It’s nice to be back running it here, for the people, the challenge and the Malaysian cuisine 🙂

I like carrying out gas turbine failure investigations and now I enjoy teaching others how to tackle them.

Course Outline

Delegates will be reminded of ways a gas turbine can fail. Learn how to think through failure sequences and learn to plan and manage the investigation of a serious failure. The primary learning technique is to require candidates to solve real life and serious gas turbine failures under role play conditions.

Course content includes

Important gas turbines failure causes including:
• controls
• combustors
• surge
• stress analysis
• high cycle fatigue
• low cycle fatigue
• creep
• thermal stress
• faults arising through start sequence

The ways materials can fail and identifying material failure from fracture surfaces
• brittle fracture surface
• ductile fracture surface
• fatigue fracture surface
• Transgranular cracking
• Intergranular cracking
• crack propogation

Solving real examples of gas turbine failures under role play conditions:
• Combustor duct failure
• Turbine blade failure
• Oil and air system failure

Techniques to solve gas turbine failures:
• Fishbone (Ishikawa) analysis
• Sequence of events analysis
• Powerful pattern analysis techniques to explain serious failures

Managing gas turbine failures:
• Manager information
• Managing mangers – planning, reporting and feedback
• Being careful with incorrect failure information
• Importance of verifying failure information
• Identifying root cause and how to explain to senior management

Provide experience by solving a real life failure in a safe simulated classroom environment. This exposes students to both techniques and the pressure that a real life failure investigation entails.

J.Oswald has been designing and developing gas turbines and investigating gas turbine failures since 1982. He brings a wealth of hands on experience running some of the most challenging gas turbine failure investigations.

We plan to re-run the course in Johannesburg in October 2014.

Further information on our web site at:


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  1. When you say “crack propagation”………and I thought you were a decent hardworking engineer!
    Have you tried hitting the faulty thing with a large hammer – usually works for me.

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