Swiss mountains of power

A good friend kindly invited me to cycle around some Swiss mountains, near where he lives, and I thought some of the pictures are sufficiently nice to form a blog. As this blog is posted on the company web site, I think it politic to start with this picture of the Hydro-electric power station on lake Walensee. We swam here after an 1000m climb over Klausens.

Hydro Electric Station, Walensee

Hydro Electric Station, Walensee

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On the second day we cycled and walked up Leistchamm, a 2100m mountain adjacent to Lake Walensee. These pictures were taken enroute and the sound file is the sound of Swiss cows eating grass (yes, listen).

Sound of Swiss cows eating

They are very noisy eaters


Bear waiting

Halfway up

Alpine meadow

Top of Leistchamm


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