Day 6: Hills, fatigue and energy

The plan to avoid A roads worked well today. Great climbing, on quiet back roads, around and up from Hexham. My GPS plan using the Blackberry took me to Wall (guess which Roman wall used to pass through here), Nunwick, Wark, Bellingham, Old Town Farm and then the A68 to Byrness. This is a wonderful 20 mile climb, with many twists and turns, but so much of it was in bottom gear grinding it out, puffing and panting that by the top it had ground me out. You begin to dread downhills, as you know the drop will have to be given back, sooner or later.

My total distance travelled of only 30 miles strikes me as unimpressive in one day, and I expected better of myself, but perhaps the previous five days of cycling has used up my energy. I certainly seemed to be panting much more readily. This indicates anaerobic exercise which can not be sustained for long.

I have a few photos, but Byrness (where I am staying) is so remote there is no way to upload pictures from here. There are 46 houses, no TV, no radio, no shops and in winter they lose electricity that often they get more in compensation payments than they actually pay out to the electricity utility.

Tomorrow I climb to Carter Bar (only 200m) and then it should then all be downhill into Edinburgh, its that easy.

Not an A road

Not an A road

Bear's still looking for fish

Bear’s still looking for fish

Control problems - solar hot water.

Control problems – solar hot water.

Stop licking my bear's behind

Stop licking my bear’s behind

Sometimes you are the sky.

Sometimes you are the sky.

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  1. Well done you are doing brilliantly!

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