Day 2 – Wind Turbine sitings

Having cycled across both Leicestershire and Nottingham, I can tell you that I have seen a grand total of three relatively small wind farms. It hardly seems that the country is either awash with them or inconvenienced by them. Will further North be more densely packed you wonder?

Perhaps more interesting is my own calamitous energy story of the day: I bonked, big time. This doesn’t mean I was worn down by a group of amorous ladies, but that my blood glycogen levels dropped too low. It was, as always, a pretty miserable affair, arriving slowly, limping, on the point of tears at a pub and asking for calories. I just wanted to get on a train and give up, they wanted and succeeded in selling me the wrong sort of calories: fatty gloop products.

Eating is a big problem for cyclists, and I had forgotten. I’ve read the books and practised the art of one litre energy drink per hour plus one energy bar. On top you are supposed to eat job loads of pasta. The trouble is: I’m sick of energy bars and energy drink and there is only so much pasta you can face, and so haven’t been bothering. Whilst eating like a human might seem like a good idea; it doesn’t get you miles. And the trouble with fatty gloop foods is, you can’t processes the energy successfully. What you need is Calorie Augmented Killer Energy or CAKE. My colleague Jeremy did remind me of this last week, but you know I wasn’t listening again. But there was something in his story which took me to Lidl where I met my new best friend: Tea CAKE. This 500g sex bomb of energy is worth 1400 calories of rapidly processed energy and it tastes great too.

The outcome for today is: I only made 40 miles on the flat, in the dry (ok a bit windy) conditions. So now I rest up, for tomorrow I have to go find another Lidl to replace the last CAKE which is now history.

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  1. Well Jim if you want wind farms cycle past Edinburgh into Caithness – we’ve got loads of them, mostly in areas of outstanding beauty. Good luck with your journey and keep those energy levels up. xx

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